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YCHL Collective creates hand-painted vintage leather jackets, shoes, bags, bandanas, and prints for free spirits and badass babes everywhere. 



that you’ll get a ton of compliments on


creating long-lasting garments that are future heirlooms


creating opportunities for designers and small-business owners


by giving back to charities who make it their mission to support women

Katie IRVING - Founder & Creative Director


Nashville-born and a Textile Designer by trade, Katie studied fashion in London for 6 years, earning her Masters Degree from Chelsea College of Art in 2006. During her 15+ years career in the fashion industry, she has had the opportunity to live and work in London, Paris and New York while designing for brands such as Chloe and Elie Tahari. Combining all of the skills gained during her career with her favorite inspirations, Katie launched YCHL in 2017. She enjoys collaborating with other creatives to create truly unique products that are destined to be heirlooms of the future. She's into 60s & 70s vintage, painting, The Rolling Stones (on vinyl) and traveling. She's mom to a 7-year-old girl and is married to an Art Director from Liverpool.




Product samples are available upon request for 30 days. We also take custom requests for samples. 



Where did the idea for YCHL Collective come from?

The initial idea for the brand was formed while studying for my Masters Degree in Textile Design in London in 2005. I had the idea to create a fashion label that took a Slow Fashion approach: re-purposing existing materials, creating high quality garments that are enduring. I was also intrigued by the idea of creating pieces that are one-of-a-kind or custom. I loved that these pieces create an opportunity to build an emotional bridge with the customer and inspire them to cherish an item of clothing. Each jacket has a past- I love to imagine all the awesome gigs each jacket has been to- and I enjoy the process of painting them and releasing them back into the wild. 

I’m very motivated to create pieces that spark the imagination and have meaning for the customer. 


Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

The inspiration for Season 1 evolved from all of my favorite references: Nudie Suits and their storytelling elements, hand-painted florals, and muses from the 60s and 70s such as Anita Pallenberg, Gram Parsons and The Rolling Stones during Exile on Main St.. Music is a huge source of inspiration for me and whatever I’m listening to always finds a way into my work. I started the season by painting for several weeks while listening to some of my favorite albums. I then adapted my favorite paintings for a few vintage jackets I’ve collected over the years. I loved the contrast of flowers on the black leather and continued exploring this through different layouts and combinations. 


Do the snakes in your art have a particular meaning?

Yeh! My husband gave me a Victorian snake ring for our 1st anniversary. Snake jewelry was a big trend during Victorian times, they were inspired by Egyptian jewelry and the symbolism of everlasting love. It’s been an important symbol for me ever since and snakes pop up in my work quite a bit! Real snakes freak me out though, I'm only into painted ones!


What kind of custom pieces have you created?

I’ve received a lot of different requests from leather backpacks and hot pants to bridesmaid dresses. Most of my requests are custom leather jackets and I really enjoy creating one-of-a-kind art for clients. I LOVE to paint and will paint (pretty much) anything!


Giving back is a big part of your brand values, how do you choose charities to get involved with?

The brand has a huge female focus and I’m very passionate about using our success to contribute to charities that empower women. We are currently supporting Dress for Success and Every Mother Counts. Both are fantastic charities that help support women in various ways such as assistance when re-entering the work force or pre-natal care and safer childbirth. 


What does YCHL stand for?

You Can’t Hurry Love. It speaks to the idea that love doesn’t happen overnight. It's a reminder to me that it takes work to build a lasting connection between customer and product.


Who is the Collective in YCHL Collective?

The Collective is a group of mega-babes I’ve connected with during my career. They’re at the top of their professions and I’m incredibly proud to be collaborating with such a talented group! In Season 1, the Collective consists of our Art Director Richard Irving, Fashion Photographer Autumn Beury and Entrepreneur/Jewelry Designer Nano Anderson. At its core, YCHL is about collaboration and empowering women. We work together to create products that are empowering to create, wear, and own. 


We’re always on the lookout for new babes to collaborate with! If you’re interested, please get in touch!



phone: 917-992-1672